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When the furnace goes out its time to jump into problem solving mode right away. There might be a hard to find part needed, or special order so you want to get a technician on site quickly. There are a lot of different types of furnaces and efficiency ratings. Choosing the right contractor can walk you through those options so you know what makes the most sense for your homes setup and square footage. Spending the most money on the most expensive unit can be overkill if you don’t need it. Saving 10,000 upfront can be put to better use updating other parts of the home in some cases.

Lots of issues can cause the furnace to go out. From the fans to air flow to the blower and the fuel that is runs on can all stop a unit in its tracks. We can go through a thorough diagnostic and provide you the information and repair costs to fix the unit.

With winters in Fort Wayne there is always the arctic blast just around the corner, so make sure you pick up one of our maintenance plans. They will help you to rest easier during these cold winter months. Make sure to all ways change your filters every 3 months or so. This can drastically improve air flow and keep your system working the way it should. Sometimes this alone can save thousands on your heating bills every year. Get your annual service scheduled today.

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